Gårdstensbostäder AB

Gårdstensbostäder was founded in 1997 to develop the area socially, ecologically and economically together with the residents. The company acquired properties from Göteborgs Stads Bostadsaktiebolag and Bostads AB Poseidon and the mission from the owners was to create a sustainable Gårdsten.PROFITABLE SUSTAINABILITY
The mission is just as relevant today and the multidimensional sustainability work has proven to be profitable in many ways. Not least financially - Gårdstensbostäder is a self-financed company that has consistently shown positive property results. Gårdstensbostäder is part of the Framtiden Group, which is part of the City of Gothenburg.
In 1997, Gårdsten was listed as one of Sweden's six most depressed million-apartment areas. Reported crime was above the Gothenburg average, 1,000 apartments were empty and the rate of relocation was high. Today, there are 1000 applicants for each apartment, crime statistics have halved and the neighbourhood community is extraordinary.DIALOGUE AND REAL PARTICIPATION
Since its inception in 1997, residents have been involved in the development of the area. Before the refurbishment of the houses and apartments began with Solhus 1, all the tenants concerned were interviewed about their wishes. Those who were interested were invited to working groups to influence the further work and 97% of the requests were met.
Since then, the tenants have been actively involved in the development of Gårdsten. Through various activities they are involved in the daily operations and, through board seats, also in the longer-term work. Of the eight full members of the Board, six are tenants with the influence and responsibility that this implies.QUEUE FOR EACH APARTMENT
Gårdstensbostäder owns more than 2,700 apartments, which is about 85% of the housing in Gårdsten. The fact that there are many applicants for each available apartment is a sign that people enjoy living in Gårdsten. The downside is that it is difficult for residents to change homes when families change and when young people want to leave home. The alternative then is to leave an area you like. That's why a lot of new housing is now being built in Gårdsten - rental apartments as well as owner-occupied and condominium apartments within the framework of Gårdsten's Vision 2025.
Perhaps the most distinctive feature is the social work in cooperation with associations and companies in the district and in the rest of Gothenburg. Exercise activities, senior citizen meetings, homework help, football school, sailing, skiing, cycling school and much more are organised here. These are activities that not only strengthen the neighbourhood community, but also the ties with other parts of Gothenburg.
Through Gårdstensbyrån, Gårdstensbostäder provides services to unemployed tenants as an important part of social work and integration. Among other things, summer jobs are arranged for young people.
Social procurement means that Gårdstensbostäder requires the contractor to employ unemployed people. In this way, we help those who are far from the labour market to get a foot in the door.